SCORENigeria exclusively reveal that Leicester City and Super Eagles star Ahmed Musa has divorced his wife and mother of his two children, Jamila.
This followed a much-publicised disagreement between husband and wife at the home in England this month.
A top source told only SCORENigeria: “Ahmed Musa has divorced his wife.
“He gave her Saki Uku (which in Hausa literraly means a final divorce).
“She is already back home in Kano trying to get her life together again.”
Ahmed Musa has now split with Jamila
As we had exclusively reported previously, Ahmed Musa has already done a wedding introduction with a lady he has fallen madly in love with.
Last month, he quit the Super Eagles training camp in London to formally get the ball rolling for his second marriage with this lucky lady.
She is based in Lagos and she is from Calabar.
We have also specially gathered that the football star has paid off his former wife by giving her one of his houses in Kano as well as a recent model Honda car.
We also learnt that Jamila could have got a huge slice of Ahmed Musa’s fortune, but she turned down that chance after several human rights lawyers approached her in England to give them the mandate to sue her husband on her behalf.
“She rejected all their approaches,” another source informed.
It was reported that both Ahmed Musa and Jamila lived on the same street in Kano before they started courting.
Source: ScoreNaija

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