Apart from being sentimental about this matter, I want to believe that this issue am writing about mostly happen to guys only and which can be very painful to heart.
I thought have become a man enough that cannot be down just to win someone heart but I definitely came across the one that jokingly and maturely play with a serious minded heart of mine. Her sparkling beauty could grow flower in a garden when you have her around, looking at her smiling when you get close to her will definitely ease you of whatever issue bothering your mind. Oh! Really? Are you serious?
Enough of introduction for the one that doesn’t think about your feelings for a second, I often asked myself why things have not been working well between the both of us despite a lot of sacrifice and consultation but all prove abortive all in the name of love. It is not as if you have not been playing games elsewhere but what is the main reason why the one you choose to spend the rest of your life with turn out to be the one that gives you hard time the most. Can she be that special type of a girl? Lover boy.
Gazing at how the future will hold for you after you have been brainwashed by Bollywood love movies which plays their stories perfectly full of emotions, an Indian movie titled ‘Break up’ will fit in with my story because it tends to give you more hope that things will work out for you perfectly even at the final minute with the one you have been struggling to be with. Am I the only one falling in love in this computer age? Does film affect me too much?
Guys I thought we were moving on edge of something beautiful, sometimes I said things  negatively to myself for being rejected by her but this life has thought me so many things and I think we should stop stooping so low to fight for what we want because some people don’t actually deserves the importance you give to them.
I will still repeat what I said earlier, am not being sentimental with this issue of mine but to my real G’s out there let us stop bothering ourselves  too much on any girl and focus about finding ourselves, which I know will really help a lot because love itself cannot live in poverty. One thing that is very sure is that they will look for us, so let’s double our hustle, make money, play games with girls as you want and live to enjoy our lives while we are still breathing.

God bless you all
By: Abeeb Alawiye
Admin @Naijabase

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  1. Good job and keep it up,may God elevate u beyond human imagination

  2. Hmmm...true talk ...even the girls aren't looking for an irresponsible man to hookup with nowadays,my brother we gat to buckle up and add more to our revenue
    I love myself and my orientation....this is a better PLC to be though nice one admin 4 the writeup