Due to a biological clock, some ladies get real desperate when they are unmarried at a certain age.
Naijabase brings to you the ten things you must never do when it gets to that stage.
1. Never stop believing: If you are a Christian or a Muslim then pray. Pray your heart out and never stop believing that your time would come. Have faith.
2. Don’t pay for it: It has come to my attention that there are women out there who pay for men to be their companions. This is totally wrong because the men would leave once that tap dries off.
So don’t pay. Let it all happen naturally, please.
3. You must stop fantasizing: Stop imagining that yours is the story of the Sleeping Beauty and one Prince Charming is on his way to rescue you from your deepest slumbers. Face reality. Good guys seldom come in glossy exteriors. Choose wisely.
4. You Must Stop Being Idle: Put yourself and your talents to work. After all an idle person is the devil’s workshop. So get to work. Go out. Travel. Re invent yourself. Meet new people and stay happy.

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