Ever since the emergence of internet, things have been improving on a fast track and the easiest way to get information is through internet beating already exist Radio, Newspaper and TV in breaking news. From just normal reading news on your phone, the internet have seems to cajole and captivate our attention by giving us what we can call online TV.
Most media houses build on this to sell their products to their audience by providing them with videos they can stream online for informative, educative and entertaining issues going on across the globe but not all the media houses use this medium to carry out their objectives. Naijabase carried out interview to seek people’s opinion and aired their views about online television, majorly about the ones to make fun of people on net. Let’s see what few people have to say about Online TV such as Naij TV, Pulse TV, Naijaloaded TV amongst others.

Question: what is your view about Online TV, are they improving us or making fun of us?

Festus Cristiana
It’s one of the best thing one could imagine that has happened to us because it gives people the ability to express themselves with people seeing them on  the big screen, I wish I could come across them one day and do the same.
Bayo adetunji
Am happy because it’s a good thing you know sometimes when I have enough data on my phone and i don’t even know what to do with it, I quickly go to Facebook and see if I can see any funny videos that online TV such as pulse and co upload then I will watch it. To me they are not doing us any harm but making us laugh off pressure, he concluded.

 Augustina Adedigba
Let me be frank with you I don’t like the idea and the reason being is that they are just fond of making jest of people they ask questions and to them they are enjoying the way they run it, I have a grudge against them and I wanted to see them badly so that I can tell them what’s on my mind.
Damola Junior
Let me start by saying this, am a mass communication student and I was taught that media aim is to help develop the society in which they operate, but the case of online TV is different because the ways they portrays our people out there to viewers is just as a way of downgrading the people of this country.
Oluwafemi Ismail
I can’t really say maybe it’s a good idea or the other way round because have come across them once in front of my school University of Ibadan and they stopped me to asked few questions which I answered them correctly but what I just reason is that these people are actually out there to look for people’s mistakes and I think that is what they will upload for other people to see and laugh because they keep pressing until I got a question wrong which I beg to put off the camera.
Babatunde Dasola
To me I enjoy watching it and I think in this present situation of the country, recession and other issues we are currently facing, watching stuffs like that ease you of anything bothering your mind at that particular and I want to believe it’s a good thing.

However, people will have different views about this issue based on their perspectives, no matter how it seems Online TV has come to stay but I want to believe that it has its advantage on us and also its own disadvantages. To some persons they enjoy watching it and to some they don’t, that’s life.

Let’s have your views on this
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By: Abeeb Alawiye
Admin @Naijabase

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