Football is something that is part of me, sometimes i wonder maybe i was born with this thing i loved the most in sports maybe i will have to ask my parent to find out the truth. I remember when i was your young and how i used to picture myself becoming a star through football, all those days when i used to go soccer schools to learn more about this thing i have passion for but it was just unfortunate that my passion for football slipped away in some years back when i had to swapped football for my Education and pushed through for my Bsc in the university.
Have live in this world to learn a lot and i found out that am not the only one that watched my passion for football slipped away just like that but when there is no wherewithal for us to pursue what we admirer the most, we are left with no other choice but to go for something else.
I think what our parents need to understand is that they should help build their children in whatever they may have passion to do in life because it is not easy watching your passion slipped away for us.
As for me, if am capable of, i will make sure i help my children in whatever angle they may seems to admirer in life because to me that is the only way a country can be better and not depend solely on acquiring education and seeking for jobs out there.
In short, one of my kid will play football.

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