Mother's Day is a celebration honoring the mother of the family, as well as motherhood, maternal bonds, and the influence of mothers in society. It is celebrated on various days in many parts of the world, most commonly in the months of March or May
In Nigeria, mother’s day is an occasion that is held in high regard. The Nigerian mother is a source of pride and inspiration to everyone around her from her kids to her husband, her family members and the society at large, and there are many reasons for this.
 Nigerian mother is hardworking and compassionate. Then she has a natural mechanism that helps her adjust to anything, so that even the toughest of situations seem like nothing to her.
Our mothers are bold in the face of odds and there’s hardly any part of our lives they do not influence, from conception to our education, marriage and more.
It is pertinent to note that mother’s day is not only meant for the mothers alone as there are young ladies who will soon climb the stage of being a mother someday to really understand what this day is actually meant for and what is all about. Some views have it that there should not be a day separated to celebrate the mothers, because mothers presumed to be a small god children are blessed with and we should rather celebrate them every day.
However, mothers are confronted with a wide range of plight that needs redress. Naijabase online, examines some their plights
Access to healthcare: Becoming a mother in Nigeria and other parts of the world is not an easy task most especially during the period of pregnancy where they still need to stress their selves working and taking care of the house and family, lack of accessing health care during this period leads to deaths during childbearing in the country. In Nigeria, research has it that more than 40% of women giving birth do not receive prenatal care from a trained health care provider and this is something that called for attention. To improve the quality of maternal health care in Nigeria, the government must make a commitment to provide adequate resources, trained providers up-to-date and most importantly, sufficient funding to end the many needless deaths associated with childbearing among Nigerian women.
Family issues: Mothers are so emotional and that is why children find it more attractive to move close to their mothers whenever they have issues. If you really think your mummy is driving you crazy sometimes, stop for a second to consider the kind of worries she have when it comes to their children matters, looking at her face when she’s about to get you out of trouble you may have caused and advising you on how to be yourself in the midst of your mates.
As a typical Nigerian man you will agree with me that there is saying about the head of house which is father claiming the good child while abandoning the other child for the mother. All of these challenge aside, the daily pressures of raising a family are tough to deal with.
To me I think being a mother is not an easy task but rather it should be called a job itself
And that is why my Mother is the best in the world

By Abeeb Alawiye and Covenant Umoru

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