It was a brightful morning on Tuesday when everything looks beautiful and colorful, who will have tell that i will meet the one that will stole my heart completely that very day.
My phone rang and it was a call from a friend of mine who had earlier told me about his birthday party which comes up that day,  so he called to remind me so as not to forget the decision to grace the occassion.
Around 7pm i dressed just like a normal guy would do when going to a friend's birthday party you know, on getting there, it didn't take much time before my eyes glanced through a yound lady who had come over to grace the occasion as well along with her friends but as a guy i didn't let go of my eyes as i focused my direction towards her.
As a guy, a lot of things keep running through my mind before i could finally make a decision and thankfully i summon courage to get close to her.
I introduced myself to her but it seems she doesn't have interest in knowing much about me because she snubbed me at first sight but am a stubborn person so i went to her and held her hand by insisting not to let go of her if she refused to listen to me and i promised not to take much of her time so she agreed to that.
Her name is Naomi, wow nice name so i replied, i wish to know you better,  can i have your phone number maybe we can get close after here but reluctantly she didn't agree to that,  then we made an agreement to call the number for me once and it is left to me to grab it that once or i forget about it.
Guess what happen after she called the number?

Next episode to follow tomorrow


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