It has come to the level where one of the thing i can call refreshment those days is now but a food you need to take wih full satisfaction without hesitation.
I remembered vividly when i was young to have noticed that cassava flakes which is popularly called garri in my area is known to be refreshment while waiting for normal food like rice and beans to ready for us to fill our stomach.
With a pity heart and the level of suffering and smilling country of nigeria today, this stuff has now turned the way round by producing a massive hike in price to demolish our desire of calling it a refreshment rather take it as a food to hold on to for hours.
With the present economic recession in the country,  a lot of goods have moved up from their normal price and this has also affect my local refreshment when i was young from the rate of #5 to #50 and the question now is,  are we just going to watch how our local refreshment slip away in front of us.
Nigerians let us wake up because 100 naira is not enough for me to drink garri anymore,  i don't know about you my brothers and sisters.

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