Love isn't love if you are not willing to sacrifice some things. It may be as big as giving up all of those you own like material things or wealth or on the other hand your time even if you are too busy just to talk to your special someone.
There are several things you sacrifice for love but among the most popular ones are the following.
There are some career that is so demanding of your time and energy, you will end up coming home late at night and exhausted. All you wanted to do once you get home is sleep and the following day to wake up early for work. It's normal for your significant other to understand the situation but will sooner or later get tired of the setup. Some people sacrifice a change of career or settle for a job that is not as demanding as that of their first choice so that they may spend time with their significant other. There are some women who sacrifice their career to be a housewife when they decide to get married, they give all their time to the family most especially their children, some men on the other hand give up their career and settle for a job that pay less.
if you live in Town A and your partner lives in Town F you will be asked by your partner if you can live in town F with him when you get married because that is where is place of work is, in this case people sacrifice by agreeing to relocate just to be with their partner, you may not be particularly thrilled about moving there but you are willing to do it if it's the only thing that would allow you to be together.
In most relationship giving up ones religion is one of the greatest sacrifice. It is hard to just throw away something that you have and believed in all your life but because of love you will be willing to change your faith and belief to that of your partner (mostly ladies).

By: Abimbola Alawiye

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